SQL Concatenating: NULL problem

06 Feb

In a SELECT statement, after concatenating some columns (e.g. SELECT a+b+c), you may have the situation that there is no returning value for some row i.e. NULL. But if you select the columns seperately like (e.g. SELECT a,b,c) then you have some data. If you wondering why this happens here you get the answer. If you concatenate colums with other columns that contains the value NULL then the whole concatenated string is NULL.


'a' + 'b' + NULL = NULL
'a' + 'b' + 'c' = abc

To avoid this you hava to use:



DECLARE @value varchar(10) = NULL;
'a' + 'b' + ISNULL(@value IS NULL,'') = 'ab'
'a' + 'b' + ISNULL(@value IS NULL,'c') = 'abc'
'a' + 'b' + COALESCE(@value ,'') = 'ab'
'a' + 'b' + COALESCE(@value ,'c') = 'abc'
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