Reflection: Call private Constructor with optional parameters

16 Apr

If you want to create a test for a class that has only a private constructor and that has some optional parameters you might result in nasty reflection problems. As you know private constructors can be easily called via reflection:

public class Test
    public static readonly Test Field1 = new Test("Value1");
    public static readonly Test Field2 = new Test("Value2", true);

    public Test(string value, bool isActive = false)
        // [...]
    // [...]

var ctor = typeof(Test).GetConstructor(
    BindingFlags.NonPublic |
    new[] { typeof(string), typeof(bool)},

This code will not resolve the correct constructor and returns null, even though you pass only new[] { typeof(string)} as parameter for the type array. There is a simple binding flag that has additionally set: BindingFlags.OptionalParamBinding

By adding this enumeration value to the bindingAttr-parameter you have the working code:

var ctor = typeof(Test).GetConstructor(
    BindingFlags.NonPublic |
    BindingFlags.Instance |
    new[] { typeof(string), typeof(bool)},

Just do not forget that if you do not pass a value for isActive you have to pass Type.Missing when you call the Invoke method. If you do not add the second parameter, even though it is optional, a TargetParameterCountException will be thrown.

var instance = ctor.Invoke(new[] { "Test", Type.Missing });


If you are using .NET 4.5 or newer you can also shorten the above code by creating an instance using GetTypeInfo with following code.

var instance = typeof(Test).GetTypeInfo()
                           .First(i => i.IsPrivate)
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