About Me

I am 25 years oldand live in San Giorgio/Brunico which is a small village in South Tyrol/Italy.

I am studying Master in Computer Science at the Free University of Bolzano and have chosen Software Engineering as my curriculum.

For my Bachelor thesis, with title Implementation of a Scheduling Component in a Production Management System, I implemented a scheduling algorithm for machine production plans in order to equally load each machine and guarantee that all orders fulfill the due date the contracting authority gave. Additionally production costs gets minimized and production rate maximized. I included this scheduling algorithm into an administrative program, also developed by me, for the company Schwer Präzision s.r.l..

Another project I am working on is also an administrative program for the brass band in my village called Musikkapelle St.Georgen where I am a member of the managing board and playing trumpet.

The most recent project I work on is a data collection program for photovoltaic plants.
Additionally I am an active power user in a German speaking C# forum called

I will especially focus posting C#, WPF, SQL and other Visual Studio related stuff.


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