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Done Building Project “X” (default targets) — FAILED.

If you use Team Foundation Server as build server and have a Database Project that is build on the server there is a chance that the build output succeeds without errors but the build result is “failed”. If you execute msbuild on the build server you can see that the DatabaseProject build succeeds with following output:

Done Building Project “X” (default targets) — FAILED.

Based on the documentation of the TFS-Build-Server any build output containing ERROR, FAILED,… is interpreted as a failed build, even though the msbuild script succeeded.
The problem is that you have not updated the SQL Server Data Tools. If you install the update on your build machine then the MsBuild-Script will succeed

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Projects have recently been added to this solution. Do you want to get them from source control?

Do you ever have this exception during the opening of a solution?

Projects have recently been added to this solution. Do you want to get them from source control?

What is this exception saying? In my case it was that, I have created a new project on another computer. Then I checked-in the solution changes without checking-in the changes of the new project. After checking-out the changes on another computer, I got this exception. Now the issue is clear. The solution file has the information about the new project but the new project does not exists on the Team Foundation Server. You can see that the solution file has the information about the new project by opening the Solution Explorer. There should be a project that has a name that contains the description “unavailable”. To resolve the problem, either delete the newly created project or check-in any changes from the computer where you created it.

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The Solution appears to be under Source Control, but its Binding Information cannot be found.

You might get following error during opening your solution in Visual Studio 2010 if you have a workspace located on a Team Foundation Server 11.

The solution appears to be under source control, but its binding information cannot be found. Because it is not possible to recover this missing information automatically, the projects whose bindings are missing will be treated as not under source control.

This is because you might have upgraded your workspace with Visual Studio 11 to a local workspace.


In that situation you can no longer open your solution with Visual Studio 2010. If you try this you will get the error as shown above.

Solution steps:

  1. Create one server workspace for Visual Studio 2010 and another local workspace for Visual Studio 11

    1. Open the Source Control Explorer in Visual Studio 11.
    2. Open the Drop Down Button right of the Workspace Label.image
    3. Select Workspaces.
    4. After opening the Manage Workspace window click Add.
    5. Enter a name to identify that workspace.
    6. Under Source Control Folder select the folder you want to map.
    7. Under Local Folder select the folder where you want to map to.
    8. Then click Advanced.
    9. The next step is the important one:
      1. For Visual Studio 2010 you need a workspace that has its Location on the Server.
      2. For Visual Studio 11 you may open workspaces with both types.image
  2. Change your local workspace to a server workspace.

    1. Follow Steps 1.1  to 1.8
    2. Select as Location Server.

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TFS 2012: Permission Error with creating a team project (TF30172)

If you try to create a new team project in the Beta version of the new Team Foundation Server 11 (and/or RC,RTM 2012) using Visual Studio 2010 you will get following error:

TF30172: You do not have permission to create a new team project.

Even if you have set the permissions and you are eligible to create such a project you will get the error. The only solution until now is using the new version of Visual Studio 2012 RC to create a new team project with.

UPDATE: 2012-06-28:

With Team Foundation Server 2012 RC and RTM the error is as follows:

TF30172: You are trying to create a team project either without required permissions or with an older version of Team Explorer. Contact your project administrator to check your permissions or to determine how to upgrade Team Explorer.


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